Big Lots Floor Lamp Recall Issued After Lamp Shades Melt


About 43,700 Big Lots floor lamps have been recalled because of reports that they may generate excessive heat and cause the lamp shades to melt. 

The floor lamp recall was announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on January 12, after Big Lots received at least four reports where the lamp shades had melted.

Although there have been no injuries associated with the melting lamp shades, this could pose a risk for consumers.

The CPSC has determined that the melting was caused by the use of the recommended standard 40 watt light bulb with the lamp, which may generate too much heat.

The CPSC also discovered that the wiring for the lamp’s light socket can become exposed, putting consumers at an additional risk of being shocked.

The recall affects Classic Quarters Five Light Floor Lamps. The lamps have a model number of G-1843-5 on the underside of the base, and SKU numbers of 612007239, 612007829 or 612008982 at the beginning of the instructions. The lamps are about five feet tall and have gunmetal or chrome colored poles and five adjustable lights mounted on flexible tubes. Some have dark plastic shades while others are multicolored.

The lamps were sold exclusively at Big Lots stores nationwide for between $30 and $50 from April 2010 through November 2011.

The CPSC recommends that consumers stop using the lamps immediately and return them to a Big Lots store to receive a full refund. Consumers with questions can contact Big Lots by calling (866) 244-5687 or by visiting the company’s website at

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