Can you believe September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month?  What will they think of next?  National Mediation Month?  National Property & Casualty Month?  National Settle Your Case Month?  National Make Up Your Own Month?

Since it is and since I am a licensed “life insurance agent (yuck),” I wanted to share this momentous occasion with you.

Don’t think about life insurance as money someone else gets when you, well………you know.  Think of it as a life enhancement policy, a retirement supplement policy, a child education policy and now-a-days, a long term care (or as I like to call it) an asset protection policy.

As you would imagine, this industry is HIGHLY regulated so I cannot give specific examples in an email.  HOWEVER, since insurance is my life and it has been for twenty-five years (get a life, Seth), to celebrate National Life Insurance Awareness Month, I want to give you something…a free life insurance review.

We can make light of the national something months, but there is a seriousness to this message.  I never want you or a loved one to be sitting in a hospital waiting room in tears saying…why didn’t I do this before this happened?

Let’s take some time to make sure you, your family and your loved ones are protected. 

This is a free service and not a sales call.  While taking it with a grain of salt, I know insurance, I know risk and I know what is needed.  My mission is to help people, avoid pain and maintain a family’s savings…period.

Give me a call and let’s talk.


(818) 674-3852

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